Sunday, 15 October 2017


I confess it's all getting very confusing for me.

From the very beginning, Dr Mahathir was never an ally to any protest that I have ever attended. In fact, most of the draconian measures for crowd control that were employed by the government, had been put into place by Dr M himself.

Even the Internal Security Act (ISA) was frequently used by the Mahathir administration, and was handed down to the Badawi administration. Check out how the FRU dealt with anti-ISA protesters.

Back then we easily achieved over 100,000 protesters. There was one event that even had a tally of 200,000; however, these days, they struggle to achieve a tenth of that. Even the organisers admit to only 25,000; Malaysiakini is more truthful in admitting it was only 8,000 at its peak. Naturally the police claim it was much less.

They do that everywhere, by the way. They always claim there were fewer people than there actually were.

I confess it is hard work trying to count the people as they seem tiny in a sea of human bodies, but it irritates me when they attempt to belittle a movement just to please their political masters.

But what is behind the decrease in number of people attending these rallies and demonstrations? Have people grown weary of protest?

There hasn't been much news coverage on it yet, save Malaysiakini (of course!) and intriguingly, Sinar Harian.

I suspect they are throwing their weight behind Dr M as he has teamed up with the Opposition (Pakatan Harapan as it is called now) who supports this rally. Clearly, he has been a key ally in the attempt to bring Najib down, with some rather interesting promises to make: "First thing we do when we're in power," he said in the closing speech, "is to arrest MO1 and try him."

This is far more fiery than anything we have ever seen in the past. The Opposition has always been very tame in front of the media, inexperienced but anxious to sell their brand of politics to all walks of life, from rich to poor, urban to kampung, Chinese, Indian, Malay, East Malaysian. Everyone.

Dr M clearly has an agenda, be it for nationalistic reasons (he is in his 90s after all), or to achieve a personal vendetta (you'd think he'd have mellowed by now). Back in those days, I used to call him the Loony Tun.

Though, somehow I do get the impression that in those 20+ years of power, the shenanigans he's been up to was well-intentioned but misplaced, from firing the judiciary who ruled against his wishes, to urging the administration of the day not to be soft on protesters.

He saw himself as a benevolent dictator, and that seems to be an equation that works for Singapore.

I am not so sure how I feel about his calling Ambiga's datukship to be stripped; it just seemed extraordinarily malicious.

Well, there you have it. Zaid Ibrahim seems to be throwing his weight behind him, and implies that he is the solution to "a country gone mad".

I am not sure I can forgive Dr M for the draconian laws that he employed, and the way he screwed up our democratic system. But he's here, and we need Najib to be gone. And we are going into this strange political relationship with our eyes open.

I don't know if protests are any indicator of election votes, but I am hopeful. Perhaps we may see some change in GE14.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Better Beer and Oktoberfest

I've done way more travelling in my lifetime than I ever anticipated. Seen a bunch of things, done a few, approved of some, disapproved of others.

Drinking in moderation was one thing that I always approved, of Malaysia. I'd like to think that most Malaysians drink responsibly, and that they don't drink and drive.

Alcohol consumption is also officially the domain of the minority, as Muslims are forbidden to drink.

Oktoberfest in Munich can be a ludicrous affair. I concede that the locals usually hold it together; besides, they've been doing it for centuries, in celebration of their Prince Ludwig's wedding to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.

You'd think that with Ludwig's infidelities throughout his marriage, the merriment would have dampened somewhat, but no, the Bavarians enjoy any excuse for a drink. Or fifteen.

It's mostly the throngs of visitors from around the world that have trouble behaving themselves after the copious levels of imbibing.

But forget the Bavarians and their tourists; a major fraction of the United States of America consists of indentured servants who arrived from Germany - their descendants take the celebration of Oktoberfest as a God-given right. Unfortunately, this being America, they struggle with moderation and frequently over-indulge themselves, despite the drinking age being moved up to prevent them starting young.

Of course, that would be cue for PAS (and any random moral police representative) to assert that drinking leads to LOW MORAL VALUES!!!!! Apparently, the drinkers will run rampant and the non-drinking public cannot be ensured of their "safety from crime, free sex, rape etc." Alamak. Dahsyat la.

There is this Jamal Jamban character, who frequently inflicts himself on the general public. He once protested a water shortage by walking around in a towel. This unfortunate moment led to collective dry-retching on the part of self-respecting Malaysian women, who had not expected to see such monumental filth.

This time, Jamal Jamban attempted to outdo himself. He bought a few crates of beer, and brought it, along with his blithering machais to the Selangor state government building, and then proceeded to smash it with a sledgehammer. He is currently under investigation for being a public nuisance. If you were British, you'd refer to him as a classic ASBO case.

As Coconuts says, "The stunt was in protest of an already canceled beer fest. You cannot get more syok sendiri if you tried."

The distressing truth is that both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor cancelled the festival. Clearly, they are pandering to a group whose votes they are counting on, and it's not the urban, educated, tolerant and sophisticated bunch. The ruling coalition knows it has lost those votes.

And when I say 'votes', I mean there's an election around the corner. It's obvious, because the beer festival was held in 2012 and again in 2016 with less objection than was deemed worthy to make the news.

The Straits Times says Najib dithers, and that will be his undoing. Apparently you can kill off Mongolian models, run off with a ton of 1MDB money and you'll still be alright - as long as you choose the right timing to call for the election.

He's not the only politician to be doing that. The Tangerine Buffoon at the White House is already campaigning for re-election. He knows who his support base is: the white supremacists and Evangelicals. So why would he even bother to get anyone else's vote?

Najib's modus operandi is exactly the same. He needs the right-wing, religious, Muslim vote. And he has to avoid offending them.

You'd be surprised, folks, at how similar the whole world can be.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

An Accident, Miscommunication And Singaporeans In JB

An accident happened in Johor Bahru.

A bastard ploughed his car at about 3AM into a group of 6 men, who had come in to Malaysia from Singapore.

One of them, de Rozario, was studying in Perth and this was meant to be a light and informal send-off. They were minding their own business and celebrating their friendship over some good Malaysian food, as far as the story goes.

Unfortunately, one man died from his injuries. I hope the driver of the car gets punished to the highest extent of the law for causing all this pain.

And if that was all there was to this story, I would have been sorrowful and deeply sympathetic to the Singaporeans for their loss.

Unfortunately, there have been other ... ummm... complications. Firstly, one of the Singaporean men alleged that the ambulance "took their time", and another added that it took the ambulance 30 minutes.

Then, another one said (because he had such superior knowledge of Malaysia's capabilities) that, "..the hospital was not equipped to perform the surgery," and proceeded to claim that, "staff withheld preliminary medical scans until the family offered to pay cash up-front."

Against better judgment, they got their critically injured friend discharged - instead of proceeding with the surgery that he desperately needed, because of their prejudice against what they perceived was inferior Malaysian capability.

The Singaporeans' handling of the situation was shameful from the beginning. They screwed it up so badly by refusing to acknowledge their poor judgment and instead choosing to go to the Singaporean media to blame and defame the Malaysians.

Unfortunately for them, the world has better technology for disseminating information than it did ten years ago. It was soon discovered that the response time for the ambulance was as fast as it was possible to be.

From ambulance service records, the emergency call was made at 2.57am on Aug 25 and the ambulance left two minutes later and arrived at the scene at 3.10am, before leaving with the patient at 3.15am.

Given that it was in the wee hours of the morning, there were no traffic congestion issues to deal with, and everything was quick and efficient.

When confronted with cold, hard facts, the Singaporeans started to backpedal. "I didn't have a sense of the time and it did feel like 30 minutes," de Rozario, whined. I am shaking my head, because none of them had actually made the emergency call for the ambulance. It was a bystander who had the presence of mind to call for assistance. So in reality, they didn't even know when the call was made.

If they hadn't maliciously tried to pin their failure on the Malaysians, I would actually sympathise. When one is stressed out, time can crawl ever so slowly. It's like waiting to use the lavatory and the situation is looking like imminent disaster.

Actually, it's much worse if your friend is in pain and dying. So I understand. The 13 minutes that it took the ambulance to arrive must have felt like forever.

De Rozario also eventually admitted that his injured friend was treated “straightaway” at the Hospital Sultan Aminah (HSA), contrary to initial allegations that the hospital was expecting them to pay before giving treatment.

Their behaviour makes them look like whiny little bitches.

According to De Rozario, the general hospital’s staff were speaking Malay while he and his friends were speaking English, leading to “difficulties communicating”.

“At that point of time, what I heard was that we had to pay and in cash — it couldn’t be in card. We didn’t have a large sum of money on us and we had to run around finding an ATM. From our point of view then, it felt like we had to pay first,” he was quoted saying.

“Nothing was really communicated properly so it could have been a miscommunication. We didn’t even know where he was at the time, but after we paid they told us to go to the red zone.

“Truth be told, I don’t know and I can’t comment on whether the hospital did all they could. I’m not medically trained and we had communication problems because we did not speak much Malay. So we thought it was better to bring him back. Perhaps there were things lost in translation,” the Singaporean added.

If you go to a foreign country, and you don't speak the language, it's not their fault that there's a miscommunication. I am frankly shocked that these Singaporeans would have such a sense of entitlement. The expectation that everyone should speak the same language that you do, is ridiculous.

In most European countries that I visited when I went backpacking back in 2005, I could barely get the people in the convenience store to speak any English. In fact, the tourist information centre in Paris proudly said "No," when I asked them if they spoke English.

I don't know how good European healthcare is; I fortunately never had to find out.

In a nutshell, the problem is this: the Singaporeans were ill-equipped for dealing with an emergency situation. They probably panicked, insulted the staff and failed to get the information that they needed - just poor communication skills. The Singaporeans made a bad decision to discharge the victim instead of proceeding with the surgery, which probably killed him.

But they couldn't handle their failure, so they had to pin it on someone else. A country that they thought would just cower under the bad press and slink away quietly.

Not in your life!

I am all about highlighting the corruption, embezzlement and heavy-handedness dictatorship of the Malaysian government.

It angers me when pastors are abducted in broad daylight and the authorities do nothing about it. I will defiantly shame the authorities into behaving themselves.

I will bring up the 1MDB issue whenever I can, because it needs to be discussed. People don't understand the magnitude of the problem.

I absolutely hate that Barisan Nasional is always voted in at every election, because it isn't a level playing field and we don't have free and fair elections.

But if you try and defame Malaysia just for kicks, I will come down hard on you because I will not allow you to demoralise public healthcare staff who genuinely do their best and are dedicated in saving lives.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Stay Classy!

It's unbelievable how the tables have turned.

Good ole Mahathir, who once ruled the roost with his 'Melayu Mudah Lupa' catchphrase and penchant for selecting his successors in a purportedly democratic nation, is now experiencing INSUBORDINATION!!!


The antagonist in question is Ahmad Zahid Hamidi aka Bugis Antarabangsa aka Jawa-yang-hilang-panduan, or as my Other Half commonly refers to him: The Grinning Imbecile. He earned the last moniker after we had to line up for 2 days to get my passport done. After all that waiting, a massive poster of him looking insufferably cheerful was too much to bear.

Anyway, Mahathir must clearly have done something egregious to earn the vicious attack. After 1MDB losing billions of ringgit, I could not bring myself to find out what Mahathir must have squirrelled away for himself. But I sacrificed myself for you, dear reader.

It turns out, the answer is: NOTHING. His shortcoming was due to - wait for it - his race!! Turns out Mahathir punya bapak has Indian ancestry.

PUT THOSE ROTTEN EGGS DOWN!! I know! It's such an anti-climax after the international fiasco over embezzled funds!

We all knew that ole Mahathir had Indian blood lah. We didn't call him Kerala mama and Kutty ayah for nothing!

It's just that Malaysian politics, pretty much like its American counterpart, sinks lower when you didn't think it was possible.

Norshahril Saat in The Straits Times, says:

These personal attacks speak volumes about the behaviour of Malaysia's political elites: They are willing to publicly shame opponents if things do not go their way. They are also eager to expose their opponents' weaknesses, while concurrently ignoring their friends' fallacies.

Currently, Mahathir seems to be attempting to salvage lost Malaysian pride in his criticism against the ruling administration, but he has already played that game one too many times. He has quit UMNO in a huff, and rejoined later, on numerous occasions!

I mean, he was the guy who gave Tunku Abdul Rahman a hard time! Johannan Sim elaborates on what happened when Mahathir left UMNO the previous few times.

All I am going to say, is that politics is so unpredictable. A lot of us have been tirelessly working to effect change, for free and fair elections. For democracy to work.

But sometimes, all it takes is a freak incident that snowballs into something else. Like the American Civil Rights Movement. Like the Suffragette Movement.

I'd like to think that change happens from sheer dedication and hard work. The sad truth is that often, it does not. It's often a serendipitous play of coincidences and bloody old Mother Luck plays a part too.

The whole world is in upheaval. God only knows we could do with a lucky break.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bike Sharing Schemes

Okay, remember how I am constantly moaning about how cycling just refuses to catch on in Malaysia?

A couple of years ago, a rather soft-spoken but extremely industrious gentleman by the name of Jeffery Lim made great inroads in encouraging cycling as a form of transport. The guy is a bloody legend. He helped DBKL out by creating a cycling map from scratch! That is a monumental effort.

If you need a copy of the map, I am sure it's physically available at certain locations, but it's certainly ONLINE.

Now that you have some established routes, all you need is a bicycle.

Problem solved!

If you're in Melaka, the Chinese company Ofo has already launched its bicycles there. Users pay only RM1 per hour to rent the bike.

And if you're in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore's oBikes are not only launching, but are offering FREE unlimited one hour rides from 14 August until 30 September. No promo code needed.

Privately, I have had my reservations about these sort of bike rental schemes. Kuala Lumpur is not the first city for some of these bike companies to set up their business.

In Melbourne, for instance, the bikes for rent have been thrown in the river, up some trees, and basically just vandalised.
These are chunky bikes; how did they get up there??

I do despair of such asinine behaviour. You know how historians and social scientists love to tell us how far we have come as a human race? Bah humbug!

I hope Malaysians don't sink so low as to vandalise these bikes. I recognise that these aren't state of the art bikes; they are clunky and heavy, but they get you places if you put in the effort.

I must say that Rapid Transit Network has been improving their attitude towards cycling as they have mandated first and third Sundays of the month for bring full-sized bicycles on board the Kelana Jaya, Ampang and Sri Petaling Line LRTs.

Previously, people were only allowed to carry folding bikes onto the LRT, monorail, and MRT during off-peak hours on Monday to Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

I cannot emphasise how important connectivity with transits is, for a longer commute.

I have, though, wondered what the cost of maintaining and renting out these bikes must be. In Melbourne, the law is that helmets must be worn at all times while cycling. Apparently, the helmets went for a walk - very frequently!! Replacing them each time must be costly.

Frankly, I prefer to ride my own bike. It's a 21-speed, weighs next to nothing and rides like a charm. I also confess I wouldn't like to share helmets with anyone else. I have a bit of a hygiene obsession and that would put me off.

That being said, owning your own bike can have its disadvantages, as bicycle maintenance can be a pain. Degreasing the chains and then lubricating them up again takes up time and energy, not to mention the need to lay out the tools and clear out space for doing it.

And have I moaned about how dirty wheels contacting the rim brakes can squeal in such an annoying way that it can be extremely embarrassing if you haven't cleaned them in awhile? A cloth and some rubbing alcohol usually sorts that out, but it's an activity that car-users never have to worry about.

But that's life, and the cost of living healthy while keeping as low a carbon footprint as possible.

Perhaps Malaysia might learn to appreciate that.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Unholy Alliances

I am inclined to agree with Dr Kua on this topic.

Perhaps I am just wary by nature. I haven't forgotten the blunders he has made in the past (documented by Ahmad Mokhtar Hj Mohamad), with which he tried to cover up using various tactics.

And I am not about to forget that his son was involved with Lynas, an Australian rare-earth refining company that was about to use Malaysia as its dumping ground.

So I can understand why Dr Kua would see this as a betrayal.

Press statement by Kua Kia Soong, Suaram Adviser, 20 July 2017

It was bad enough when Pakatan Harapan made an alliance with the unrepentant former autocrat, but now that Mahathir has been made the ‘top dog’ of the coalition, it is the biggest betrayal of the Reformasi Movement yet.

Well, now that Mahathir has been made the Chairman of the coalition, Pakatan Harapan will have to answer for all his scandals. PH must be prepared for more than the RM30 billion forex losses incurred during Mahathir’s term.

It is not as if the former Prime Minister had sincerely become a ‘born-again democrat’ by showing a sliver of contrition, but up to now, he has not. He is not sorry for the white terror of Operation Lalang; for the political conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim and saying on record that the latter is morally unfit to be PM because he is a womaniser and sodomiser; for squandering more than RM100 billion in the financial scandals during his term in office through crony capitalism and bailing out failed businessmen including his son…

The litany of woes inflicted under Mahathir’s rule has been well-documented and every community has its story: The 10,000 indigenous peoples who were forcibly displaced from their ancestral homes in Bakun in order to make way for yet another of Mahathir’s grandiose dam projects at a time when the project had been suspended during the financial crisis in 1998; the Indian plantation workers whose communities were destroyed through Mahathir’s neo-liberal capitalist policies and who were forced to become urban settlers; the needless communal controversies created around mother tongue education during the eighties including the Unified Examination Certificate in 1975, the National Culture Policy, the unqualified school administrators sent to Chinese schools in 1987, and others.

Let us not forget that Mahathir was also the first Prime Minister to claim that Malaysia is an Islamic state and as recently as the 2013 general election, criticised Najib for wasting public money on the Chinese voters after they had voted for the Opposition. He is also the top dog in the new ‘Pribumi’ party which is only open to ‘Pribumis’ no less.

You have to be a “Zombie Democrat” to accept such a party into the coalition that is supposed to embody the Reformasi Movement! Do the PH leaders still remember what their Reformasi programme stands for?

I am amused by the "zombie democrat" comment, but after having observed US politics for a while now, I can see that their voters are just as stupid as the worst of the Malaysians, or perhaps even worse.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Accidental Whistle-Blower

What began in 2010 as a blog about an environmental crisis in the Malaysian state of Sarawak is now the most comprehensive portrait of a diseased body politic and its attendant scandals.

Rewcastle Brown has benefited from the fact that many involved in Malaysian politics are increasingly jaded with it. Her biggest scoops have depended on documents and information leaked by quietly disgruntled government and financial officials. Anonymous tips continue to clog her inbox.

At the bottom of every Sarawak Report webpage, above the site’s teal logo, there’s a link with instructions for how to send her an encrypted email. “I’m fairly practiced at squirreling out stories and sources — I talk to people; I ask people if they know anyone worth talking to,” Rewcastle Brown says. “But now people have started finding me, because they know I’m the only guy on the block who does this.”

Read the rest of it on TIME's The Accidental Whistle-Blower: How a Retired London Journalist Uncovered Massive Corruption Half a World Away.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

MH370 Course On Simulator

Not for the first time, the 1MDB fiasco is being overshadowed by the the MH370 news: Malaysia Confirms Flight 370 Course Was on Pilot's Simulator.

Australian officials overseeing the search for the plane last month said data recovered from Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah's simulator included a flight path to the southern Indian Ocean. Malaysian officials at the time refused to confirm the findings.

On Thursday, Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai told local journalists that the flight path was found on the simulator. He also cautioned there were "thousands" of destinations on the simulator and no evidence that Zaharie flew the plane in that area or deliberately crashed it.

I think the captain is being thrown under the bus, with the option of retracting the accusation, should it not become necessary anymore.

Aviation blogger Jeff Wise notes that some numbers and data do not match.

I personally think it's been cooked up.

The reason I say this is because if someone was on a suicide mission, they wouldn't meticulously plan the details of their death, and certainly not on a flight simulator which was a passion of Capt Zaharie. Depression and passion don't mix.

Now, if he was homicidal, on the other hand, and out to kill as many people as possible, you'd think he'd at least state his reasons for the attack on other humans. At least leave a note. Even bloody ISIS knows how to do that.

I believe this guy.

It appears to me that the Malaysian government is yet again using the MH370 to distract people from the dirty issue of funds embezzlement.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Guardian On 1MDB

There were two articles in the Guardian recently, dedicated to the 1MDB fiasco:

Malaysia’s new security law, due to come into force on Monday, would be alarming at any time. Its sweeping powers permit authorities to declare national security areas which are off-limits to protests, where individuals and premises can be searched without a warrant, and where killings by security forces need not result in formal inquests.

Changes to the country’s criminal code, undermining the rights of suspects, are similarly concerning. Human rights groups warn that existing laws, including the colonial-era Sedition Act – which Prime Minister Najib Razak once vowed to repeal – have been used to detain and muzzle critics. The country’s police chief recently warned that protests by electoral reform group Bersih would be permitted only if participants avoided calling for Mr Najib’s resignation.

Read the rest here: The Guardian view on Malaysian politics: a scandal meriting the world’s attention

On another note, Sarawak Report ran a story on Xavier Justo just over a year ago that predominantly made the mainstream media headlines because of his tattoos and purported "hedonistic living". I read it and filed away in memory that it involved PetroSaudi and the 1MDB fiasco.

Now the whole story has appeared in its entirety on the Guardian. It actually sounds like it should belong in a Hollywood script (maybe it might, some day), and contains details of the brazen transactions conducted by the crooks affiliated with the slimeball called Malaysian Official 1.


In January 2015, Tong, Rewcastle Brown and Justo met in a five-star Singapore hotel, the Fullerton. Tong booked a conference room, and brought a number of IT experts, as well as the editor of the Edge, Kay Tat. At the meeting, Justo laid out the 1MDB joint venture, making the same claims that the US Department of Justice would set out 18 months later: namely that hundreds of millions of dollars that were intended for economic development in Malaysia had instead been diverted into a Seychelles-based company. The man at the centre of the transaction was alleged to be Najib’s adviser and family friend, Jho Low.

It was a potentially huge scoop. Tong agreed to pay Justo $2m. Tong and Rewcastle Brown were immediately handed disk drives with the data. But the payment was never made. Justo did not want the money in cash, and he worried that a large transfer of funds into his account would look suspicious. Tong offered Justo one of his Monets as collateral – but Justo declined, and said “no, I trust you”. Rewcastle Brown finally had the documents she had been chasing for more than six months.

On 28 February 2015, Rewcastle Brown posted the first big story online – under a typically unrestrained headline: “HEIST OF THE CENTURY!” The article claimed to show how $700m had disappeared from the 1MDB joint venture and found its way into various offshore companies and Swiss bank accounts.

The impact of the article was felt around the world. In the US, law enforcement officials who had been alerted to reports that Low was spending huge amounts on New York apartments now had a fix on the possible source of his wealth.

For a thrilling mini-series-type read: 1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal

Friday, 29 July 2016

Malaysia 2, Singapore 0

Some of you may accuse me of being a foam-in-the-mouth, rabid Malaysian nationalist. Not entirely true, but I do like being Malaysian, and sometimes we Malaysians have this rivalry thing going with the brethren across the causeway.

So I am going to bring up an issue that's pretty old; almost a month old now.

A nice Malay Singaporean stand-up comic who goes by the stage name Fakkah Fuzz (I think he just wants to be able to say the word 'F*cker' on a frequent basis) made a joke about thieves.

Fakkah said Singapore Malays call a thief “pencuri” while Malaysian Malays call a thief “perdana menteri” (prime minister).

I had to laugh. The joke is hysterical, in my opinion. It is still making the rounds on my Facebook feed, when I checked just yesterday.

Naturally, the UMNO idiots terasa lah. They got pissed off and had their rant. (Note aside, did you know that your IQ drops by 30 points when you're angry? It's probably explains why UMNO tends not to make much sense.)

Anyway, things were going well until the Fakkah decided to apologise:

“I would like to sincerely apologize if I unintentionally hurt my brothers and sisters across the causeway. It was not my intention to hurt or cause unhappiness among anyone. Nor was I accusing anyone of anything.

“It was simply a joke based on current events. The joke is basically ‘we say this, you say this’.

“I’m just saying what I hear. Not saying ‘This person is guilty of this!’ Not at all. Please don’t take what I said out of context as I’m not out to slander anyone.”


There really was no need to apologise. Malaysia is not Singapore, and we don't launch defamation suits against the opposition and bankrupt them to stay in power.

(Mohon terasa, ye.)

Actually we probably do even more stupid things, so I take that back.

However. I want to point out that we have two Malaysian heroes.

One is Adam Adli, who was criticised for lowering the Malaysian flag. When asked to apologise, he said:

I will never apologise (to the prime minister). Since the thing had happened till today, now I am asked to apologise. I will never do that. How about my friends and the struggle?

I do not want my friends to be demoralised if I apologise. It is not that I will never apologise at all, as maybe someday I may have to say sorry to some people for my actions.

Absolute hero.

The other is Fahmi Reza. He was charged for depicting an image of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in clown makeup. Did he apologise?

Hell, no! He went out and did it a second time! I tell you, sometimes I am very proud to be Malaysian.

Anyway, you're wondering what happened to the Fakkah.

Despite his apology, Selangor Umno Youth chief Zainuri Zainal said it was too little too late, because Fakkah’s joke had a “deep impact” on Malaysians.

“Fakkah should look in the mirror first before trying to meddle in the current affairs of Malaysia,” Zainuri was quoted as saying by Berita Harian.

Minta maaf, ye, but sometimes, you just can't win.